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Here is why YOUR Holi 2022 should be in Pushkar

As the days pass us by, the festival of colours Holi 2022 is inching closer and closer. If you put your nose to the air, you can almost smell the earthy scent of gulaal floating by. Holi is one of those festivals that are super unique to our country and known almost everywhere around the world. It celebrates the coming of spring, brotherhood and the evil defeated by good. I am sure most of you already know how we celebrate it – in a big and messy and super fun way!

I am sure your neighbourhood aunties have some big plans for Holi 2022 – but have you ever wondered what it would be to enjoy the festival of colours away from the neighbourhood kids and in a more grand, more wild way – dare we say. Intriguing right? Well.. we have got you thinking about Holi in Pushkar.

What is Pushkar Holi?

One of the biggest and grandest events of them all – Pushkar Holi 2022 is going to be like a storm that hits you when you least expect it. If you have never been to Pushkar during the festival of colours than you are seriously missing out on some of the best memories of your entire life.


Be a globetrotter in a day

This time celebrate the festival of colours with friends from around the entire globe. During Holi, Pushkar gets filled to the brim with tourists from everywhere in the world who come especially to take part in this festival. From the cafes to the pan shops to the pakoda stalls – you will see travellers just milling about like ants.

Locals say they go crazier during the party than anyone else they’ve ever seen! The best opportunity for you to make tons of friends and secure a couch for you to stay – in Spain, Armenia, Israel, Portugal, Greenland and the list goes on.

Party? What party?

Ah yes, this is the best part. The best thing about the Holi in Pushkar is the party that starts at about 10 in the morning and goes down till 5 pm in the evening. The town square is transformed into a proper club. There is no alcohol (sorry) but there are DJs playing thumping electronic music, hundreds of people dancing, getting coloured and throwing fistfuls in the air. It is truly a magnificent sight and can only be experienced in person. You can forget about everything outside and just lose yourself in this massive celebration. Skip Sunburn this time – attend Holi 2022 in Pushkar.

Unique sights you can never see anywhere else

If you are a photographer or a documentarian or just an avid Instagrammer, then Pushkar Holi 2022 is the place to be my friend.

Hundreds of torn t-shirts hanging on a rope; multicoloured children playing in the balconies, travellers dancing on rooftops, gulaal guns spraying the crowd and local eateries selling snacks you’ve never seen before. These are just some of the things that will amaze your eyeballs during this ‘kapda faad Holi’. And who doesn’t love a quirky picture for the gram?

Memories for a lifetime

Remember those ‘I was here’ t-shirts that got mad popular in the early 2012s. You will certainly need one for Pushkar Holi 2022. There is no way you are ever going to experience anything like this ever again unless of course, you decide to come back next year.

We recommend you take hundreds of selfies and follow everyone you met on IG because the photos that come out of this festival of colours is going to be special for years to come!


Chalo Chaley Pushkar!!

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